Many Lives, Many Masters

Last month, when I was visiting my parents, I was going through a stack of about 12-15 books that were neatly arranged on a shelf in the guest room. Most of them were Indian fiction that I’d probably already read. I came across this book ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’. I remembered I’d heard about this book from a friend of mine who didn’t quite like it. I turned the book around to read what it was about.


It’s written by a psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss. He has written about a past life therapy with a patient, that changed both their lives. His patient, Catherine, was suffering from recurring nightmares and chronic anxiety attacks. He had been working with her for 18 months and nothing seemed to be helping her before they moved on to hypnosis. Catherine began recalling past life traumas and eventually she started to channel messages from the space between lives, revealing many secrets of life and death.

It was enough to interest me into reading the book and so I did. I learned so much from this book about life and what our purpose is. I’ve started to enjoy the little things and the little moments of happiness. It taught me how everything happens for a reason. Whenever something bad happens with us, it is probably for a greater purpose that in fact turns out to be more beneficial. When I started thinking of all the bad things that have happened with me, I realized that I’m glad most of those things happened. It’s amazing how universe takes note of every move that we make and gives back the same to us that we give out.

For me, this book has turned out to be a great learning and without giving out more of what’s inside, I’d recommend everyone to read it once. It really is life changing.


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