Getting started…

Hey everyone,

So, after a lot of thinking and rethinking, I finally decided to start blogging. This blog is going to be a platform where I’ll share my life. And before I start doing that, I’m going to dedicate this post for you all to get to know me better. So, here are a few facts about me that you should know:

  • My name is Jyoti Agrawal and I’m 22 years old.
  • I’m doing Fashion Styling from New Delhi, where I live.
  • I love MAKEUP and all things BEAUTY.
  • I’m a huge FRIENDS fan.
  • I love street shopping.
  • I repeat my clothes but not my overall looks.
  • I read a lot of spiritual books.


I think that’s about all the things you all should know right now. I’ll be writing a lot of beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts. I’ll share some of my beauty tips and tricks, my outfits, shopping hauls and much more. So, if you think you’d be interested in things like that, then please keep revisiting my blog and I promise to keep you interested.

Thank you.


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